Bently King Ding Body Repair

Auto Body Repair

When the unfortunate need of light collision repair or paintless dent repair arises, choosing among various body shops in Austin can be a daunting task. Let our trained professionals make the process easy for you. We are many years in the business and work directly with your insurance company to be sure the process of getting your vehicle back to new condition goes as smoothly as possible. Trust King of the Ding to bring one of your most valuable possessions back to new condition.

Always remember that you have a choice of which Austin body shop will repair your vehicle. If your insurance company steers you to one of their "preferred" body shops for an estimate, that shop might be “preferred” for providing cheap estimates for your insurance company rather than doing the best job of fixing your vehicle.

With your adjuster's estimate, we will work directly with your insurance company to facilitate your repairs without sacrificing quality as with some "preferred" body shops. Remember, you choose the best body shop to repair your vehicle, not the insurance company.

Bumper Repair

King Ding can often repair your original bumper cover eliminating the need to purchase new parts. We strive to keep customer repair cost low. You won't wait 4-10 business days like most body shops to get your car back. King Ding is one of the fastest, most efficient light auto body repairers in Austin. Average turn around time for a single bumper repair is 1-2 days.